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We strive to provide you with utmost safety through state-of-the-art technology and high-quality craftsmanship.

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1.  Secure Your Today for a Better Future!

Protect your home or business with out-of-the-world security systems tailored to suit your needs. Here you can choose between audible burglar alarms, advanced surveillance cameras, state-of-the-art access control systems, fire alarms, and revolutionary intercoms to secure your family and valuables. Protection is our business, and we are committed to it!

2.  Right Protection, Right Time!

Satisfying all your security needs, Safe Place Security installs products handpicked by professionals to ensure reliable and trustworthy security.

Offering a safer point of view, once you select the security devices, you require all you have to do is sit back and relax as our industry-experts at Safe Place Security install incredible tech in all the right places. Big businesses and luxury homes need better tech, and that’s precisely what we offer.

3.  Better Services, Better Tech, Better Call Now!

Experienced, dedicated, and different, Safe Place Security safeguards your life, family, and business with the help of security systems customized to cater to all your security needs.

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More Than Just Security

No matter if you’re seeking fire alarm installation for your hospital or want revolutionary intercoms in your luxury house, Safe Place Security introduces you to futuristic technology to secure your future and dreams!

Did you know that about 37,000 houses catch fire per year due to electrical equipment misuse and cooking accidents? Typically, the fire starts spreading at a frightening speed and results in devastating repercussions that can easily be avoided with proper care and equipment. 

At the same time, another research shows that only 14 arrests are made per 100 burglaries? A lack of adequate security equipment may make it impossible for you to catch the burglar in the act. Moreover, low-quality security systems may either fail to perform optimally or stop working after a couple of weeks.

That’s where Safe Place Security comes into the picture. We bespoke top-tier technology and expertise in the field of work to ensure maximum security within your house and office.

Thank you Walter and the team at Safe Place.

“As a Chef/restaurateur I’ve started and opened 4 restaurants over the past 20 years. I’ve used Safe Place for a wide variety of needs, from security systems, and fire alarm systems, to electrical and even help with creating and operating an automated dumbwaiter.  Whatever my needs in the electrical realm Walter and his team have always had the answers and ability to get the job done. Over the years I’ve experienced some unexpected emergency issues with antiquated equipment and the like, Safe Place has always been a quick to respond partner in my times of need.  I couldn’t be happier with the level of professional service I’ve received over the many years I’ve worked with Safe Place.

Thank you Walter and the team at Safe Place.”

Yours truly,
Franz Brendle

We began working with Walter Roosa 15 years ago...

” …when we needed help with our computers.  We found Walter’s name in the phone book, called him, and even though it was clear that we called him, unintentionally, at an inconvenient time, he was determined to see if he could help us.

Well, 15 years later, Walter is still helping us — whether it is with the seeming unending complexity of monitoring our home alarm system (which Walter installed) from the road; making sure our home is up to date with all the latest electronic gadgets that modern life insists must be programmed and managed from an app on our phones (Walter installs and connects both the gadgets and the apps); enabling our music system to play off the internet even though our stone house makes this very difficult; and perhaps best of all, appreciating the relationship we have all built.

We text Walter — yes, sometimes in ALL CAPS — when things go wrong — and he is never fazed. He is calm, logical, and, like the best of engineers, treats every problem like a puzzle that can be solved.  Like most people, we are mostly easy to work with, but sometimes we have our moments. Walter seems to get a kick out of us, and we certainly love his sense of humor, engineering acumen, and wonderful common sense.  His fees are reasonable, and he is also a listener.  Tell him what you want! He will tell you if you are asking for the moon, and after you listen to him walk you through the pros and cons, if you still want the moon, he will lasso it for you!”

Christina Pretto and Jerome LaFountain
Warwick, NY

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