Innovating the future of security,

Safe Place Security strives to make your home and workplace safer with the help of state-of-the-art tech and in-depth industry knowledge.

Burglar Alarm

Extensive research shows that about 2.5 million burglaries take place every year. Out of this substantial number, at least 66% are home break-ins. Moreover, an in-depth study shows that a burglary takes place every 13 seconds. What’s more?  According to the FBI, about $2,416 value is lost per burglary. So, how do you avoid being subjected to this horrible fate?

You install a futuristic burglar alarm in your home! These out-of-the-world techs are the perfect way to protect yourself and your home/business from the unauthorized entrance. With these, you can receive push notifications, stay connected with your security system, and enjoy an audible alarm every time someone tries to break-in. 

Enhance the security and surveillance in your home with the help of Safe Place Security. No matter if you’re planning to leave your go away on vacation for a couple of weeks or if you think your business lacks appropriate protection, Safe Place Security safeguards your building with incredible burglar alarms.  

Video Surveillance

In-depth research shows that 53% of companies have more than 1,000 files that all employees can easily access. At the same time, a study shows that over 34% of data breaches were due to internal actors. On the flip side, another research shows that homes lacking security systems boast a 300% higher chance of being a victim of theft.

It means that business owners and homeowners both need to get their hands on state-of-the-art surveillance that safeguards their property inside out. Installing high-grade CCTV cameras alongside facial recognition devices helps you monitor each and every space inside and outside your building. Plus, it helps reduce the likelihood of theft occurrences.

Get eyes of protection in your home and business by reaching out to Safe Place Security. Here we offer consumers an array of futuristic and ultra-modern surveillance tech at budget-friendly prices. Besides, we tailor customized security plans to meet your security needs.

Fire Alarm Systems

We sell, install and service the following brands: Silent Knight, Honeywell, Firelite, Kidde, Interlogix and Edwards. With these brands we are able to help you get the correct system to meet your needs. We also offer yearly testing and design services.

Any alarm company can install or repair a Fire Alarm system, but not all of them can do it the right way. At Safe Place Security we want to work with you to provide the appropriate services for your needs while maintaining the highest quality support found in the alarm industry. We’ll work with you to create a “whole picture” solution that fulfills the requirements of your unique situation.

When you partner with Safe Place Security, you will have access to more than 30 years of industry experience. By leveraging this experience, we are able to tailor a custom life safety system that is designed to meet your needs, as well exceed your expectations.

Access Control

Whether you’re looking for a new alarm system or you would like information on servicing or monitoring an existing home or business security system, at Safe Place Security we can help. While many other alarm companies offer those $99 “specials” or something similar, what they aren’t telling is you usually have to sign a 3 to 5 year monitoring contract at $35 or more per month just for basic monitoring over a phone line. That rate is just for a basic alarm system, which usually includes 2 door contacts, 1 motion detector, and 1 keypad.

So, for every additional device you add they raise your monthly rate. What’s more the alarm company often retains ownership of the alarm system; you are just leasing it, so if you decide to cancel your monitoring service they can come and rip out “their” alarm equipment.

At Safe Place Security we offer you some real peace of mind. We will supply you with a quality alarm system which you will own outright, at a very fair price. We don’t lock you into long monitoring contracts and we also have very competitive monitoring rates, which do not change with the size of your system. By simply doing the research and you will see why most of our advertising is by word of mouth.


Why Choose Us for Intercom Installation?

We have four decades of expertise serving security and locksmith needs of homes and businesses in the Hudson Valley region.

Safe Place Security supplies and installs intercom systems for home and business customers who want the added security and convenience that a professionally installed intercom can bring.

Intercoms can help facilitate communication in homes and in businesses. Whether you need to use them for communication between areas of a home, office, or other place of business or for security and safety, a good quality intercom system can have significant advantages. We can help you navigate options and choose the intercom system that’s right for your needs.

Data Work

As a team, and a family, we know that the proper transfer of your hardware and your data can be vital for your home or business.

It’s our goal to put you at ease by taking care of your private information while safely transporting and setting up your hardware.

We can do a full office breakdown of all of your hardware, including but not limited to; monitors, PCs, MACs, office phones, keyboards and mice, webcams, WiFi modem/router and of course all associated cables.

We also offer assistance with server installation.